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Insurance Wire is your perfect partner for digital marketing that engages tens of thousands of insurance professionals with buying power, across the UK.

We arm our audience with market intelligence

The insurance industry is an increasingly dynamic and varied marketplace, and our readers rely on us to make sense of the shifting landscape. 


We bring them the most important stories of the day, insight and analysis on the state of the market, and advice and best practice guidance from our 30+ contributing writers. 


Put your brand next to our premium content while this high-value readership gets up to speed with our coverage.

Speak to thousands of insurance professionals with buying power

We tailor our editorial tone and decisions to the priorities of insurance professionals, and we have earned their loyalty. That means they pay attention to what we publish.


Imagine starting your morning wishing you had more inbound enquiries. You place an ad on our website or our Daily Briefing, or send a solus email to our database, and new potential customers start contacting you by the afternoon.


That is what our digital marketing options can deliver. You’ll find a rich seam of business opportunities and relationships to build among our audience. 

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Business Size (Turnover)

£0-1m 25%
£1-5m 52%
£5m+ 23%

Business Size (Employees)

1-10 29%
10-50 49%
50+ 22%


Senior Management 72%
Junior 28%

Source: On-site reader survey, Q4 2020

Our authoritative voice is trusted by the C-suite

We see it as part of our editorial mission to help equip senior management figures with high quality information on the latest developments in their sector.


Our readers know best how to run their business but they can never have too much market intelligence to help frame their decision-making.

Ad options

Select from our range of digital marketing channels. Whether you prefer banners, direct messaging or content marketing, we can accommodate your preference.


Place banner ads on our site and/or our Daily Briefing email, allowing you to present a consistent marketing message wherever our readers land.


Send an email solely dedicated to your company, out to our database of insurance professionals, to capture their attention fully.


Write your own thought leadership articles to be posted on the site and communicate your expertise to our readers, in collaboration with our journalists.


We create a dedicated area on the site for your written contributions, and invite you to post to it at least once a month, with logo and linkbacks to your site.


Select slots according to your budget. We can build a proposal to suit any budget, and series discounts are available on all channels. There are also discounts available for block bookings if you wish to occupy more than one slot simultaneously.


970 x 250 pixels
£ 1850 Per Month
  • .jpg, .gif .png accepted
  • Series discounts available


728 x 90 pixels
£ 1050 Per Month
  • .jpg, .gif .png accepted
  • Series discounts available


300 x 250 pixels
£ 900 Per Month
  • .jpg, .gif .png accepted
  • Series discounts available

Double MPU

300 x 600 pixels
£ 1500 Per Month
  • .jpg, .gif .png accepted
  • Series discounts available

Newswire Banner 1

620 x 90 pixels
£ 900 Per Month
  • .jpg, .gif .png accepted
  • Series discounts available

Newswire Banner 2

620 x 90 pixels
£ 700 Per Month
  • .jpg, .gif .png accepted
  • Series discounts available

Solus Email Blast

600 pixels wide - unlimited length
£ 2150 Per Sendout
  • Images and text accepted
  • Series discounts available

Sponsored Article Post

Text supplied by you
£ 425 Per Post
  • .jpg, .gif .png accepted
  • Series discounts available

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