Aon launches cyber risk awareness platform

Aon has announced the launch of a new platform, entitled Aon’s Cyber Awareness Training, that aims to help companies of all sizes enhance their cyber risk posture.

The “comprehensive” employee training program enables employees to learn about common cyber risks and how to incorporate best practices into everyday operations. 

Aon warned that cybercriminals “often take advantage” of employee error, making cyber security training an essential part of cyber security strategy.

The insurance group’s incident response team “leveraged years of experience” to create the Cyber Awareness Training platform’s 12 learning modules. 

Each online module takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, and the topics covered include developing strong passwords, avoiding phishing attempts, safely using public WiFi, and reporting an incident quickly and efficiently.

Company administrators will have access to program analytics, allowing them to monitor the progress of all users. Managers can also track the progress of employees.

Christian Hoffman, CEO, Aon’s Cyber Solutions, North America said: “Even before COVID-19, cyberattacks were on the rise. But now, with millions of people working remotely, the risk of a cyber incident is at an all-time high.

“Over time, cybercriminals have grown more sophisticated and breaches have grown more expensive. This training platform will help employees understand their integral role in minimizing their company’s security vulnerabilities.”

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