BIBA unveils theme for 2022 conference

The 44th BIBA conference in May 2022 will aim to reconnect the insurance community at the Manchester Central Convention Complex

The British Insurance Broker’s Association (BIBA) has revealed that the theme for next year’s annual conference is ‘Our Insurance Community’, having “taken on board the wide desire for the insurance world to come together in person”.

The theme reportedly brings together some key elements of the sector; its “largely personal” nature and its “way of acting in unity for the good of its employees and its customers”. 

BIBA said the visual identity includes the faces of many insurance personalities brought together for The BIBA Conference 2022.

The event is designed around the networking needs of the insurance community and provides access to many exhibitors including insurers, service providers, brokers and software houses. Delegates will also be able to listen to speakers in plenary, fringe and seminar sessions.

The 44th BIBA conference in May 2022 will aim to reconnect the insurance community at the Manchester Central Convention Complex. 

Emma Chapman, BIBA head of Conference, said: “What strikes me each year at The BIBA Conference, are the smiles, laughs, and warm greetings that fill the venue. I believe this is what gives The BIBA Conference its unique spirit. The coming together of our members, brokers, insurers, and providers is what drives us to create the best event we can.”

Steve White, BIBA CEO said: “We have all faced immense challenges over the last 21 months. The pandemic was unprecedented and resulted in a sea-change in the way we work and live. We faced the challenges together as a community. 

“Collaboration enabled us to continue to meet the needs of people and businesses and technology enabled us to continue to mentor and develop our teams. However, the desire to discuss a deal face to face has never been stronger and I’m looking forward to seeing people ‘in the flesh’.” 

Shaun Hinds, CEO at Manchester Central, said: “We are thrilled to be welcoming The BIBA Conference back to Manchester in 2022. In recent months, we’ve seen first-hand just how eager clients and delegates are to get back to live events; people have missed the opportunity to connect face-to-face and, now more than ever, recognise the benefits of being ‘back in the room’. 

“The BIBA Conference has traditionally been a real highlight in our venue calendar, and we can’t wait to help bring next year’s event to life.”

The BIBA Conference 2022 – Our Insurance Community opens at 8.30am on 11 May at Manchester Central and runs until the afternoon of 12 May.

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