NFU Mutual launches social media toolkit to support local retail

The insurer has partnered with Maybe to provide retail insurance policyholders with free access to social media expertise

NFU Mutual has announced the launch of its new service to retail insurance customers, now providing free social media tools to help them connect with their communities.

This comes after the insurer’s recent survey which discovered 37% of shoppers named social media as one of the primary ways they would discover a new local retailer, a number which rose to 55% for 18-34-year-olds.

The insurer has partnered with Maybe to provide retail insurance policyholders with 12-month free access to social media expertise.

Frank Woods, a retail insurance specialist at NFU Mutual, said: “Social media has changed the way we communicate and shop, and has become an increasingly important way for businesses to connect with customers.

“Over a quarter of shoppers increased the amount of business they do with local retailers during the pandemic, and we want to help our retail policyholders use social media to maintain those relationships, as well as attracting new business.”

He added: “By maximising the benefits they see from their social media channels, local retailers can have meaningful interactions with customers, develop business resilience and potentially drive sales, helping them to bounce back after the pandemic.”

Polly Barnfield, Maybe’s CEO, said: “We’re excited to provide NFU Mutual retail customers with tools and training to help them build customer relationships using social media.

“As part of the service, they’ll be included in online High Street Guides which promote all local businesses and share local rewards with customers, delivered via their mobile phones. Maybe provides this all in one place supported by a friendly team.”

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