WTW launches partnership with Lightfoot

As the broker’s new motor risk management partner, Lightfoot’s driver safety platform will be made available to all Willis Towers Watson clients in the UK

Willis Towers Watson has partnered with Lightfoot’s in-cab driver coaching technology and rewards platform, which will work as a “self-managed solution” to help company car and van fleet clients increase driver safety and reduce accidents on the road.

As the broker’s new motor risk management partner, Lightfoot will be made available to all Willis Towers Watson clients in the UK. 

According to the broker, this represents “many hundreds of businesses” that will have access to Lightfoot’s driver-focussed in-cab technology. 

The platform uses alerts that “keep the driver in the sweet spot of their engine”, with driver rewards that actively encourage safer driving. According to Willis Towers Watson, Lightfoot’s approach has reportedly been proven to cut accidents by as much as 40%.

The in-vehicle dashboard-mounted device used by the platform works alongside the Lightfoot reward app, which rewards those hitting the target Elite Driver level by unlocking access to a series of prize draws. This includes The Drivers’ Lottery, where drivers can win up to £200 each week and have a one-in-ten chance of winning cash prizes. 

As opposed to fleet manager imposed, Lightfoot is driver-led and uses nudge psychology to keep drivers safe, guiding them to Elite Driver status week-in, week-out. Using “always-on” coaching, Lightfoot addresses instances of “harsh” driving styles in the moment, before they “become an issue”. 

The partnership comes as Willis Towers Watson said it was looking for a motor risk management partner that would enable its clients to “realise the four key principles by which it works: managing risk, optimising benefits, cultivating talent and unlocking potential”.

Stewart Osmond, haulage and logistics Director at Willis Towers Watson, said: “We are driven to help our clients. In every action and with every solution, we act in our clients’ best interests – striving to understand their needs, respecting their perspective and exceeding their expectations. 

“Lightfoot dovetailed into this approach perfectly, as it provides a solution to a problem that all businesses with fleets have to contend with, but in a way that drivers actively embrace. Providing coaching in an intuitive and engaging way, drivers welcome the audio and visual prompts, as this helps them to achieve Elite Driver status, ensuring that they don’t miss out on prize draws linked to better driving.”

He added: “By unlocking prizes and benefits that makes sense of smoother, safer driving, Lightfoot has transformed the relationship that drivers have with their vehicles. 

“Once a workhorse or a tool to get from A to B, company vehicles are now a seen as means to reward, giving drivers a reason to be better, safer and more efficient, as opposed to roughshod and reckless. That generates a self-managed driver-led solution, which ends the need for time consuming telematics analysis.”

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