DAS UK named cyber insurance provider for Covéa

Its bespoke product features a limit of indemnity of £50,000 for Covéa’s Executive Home policy or £100,000 for its Executive Plus product

DAS UK Group, a leading specialist legal expenses insurer, has been chosen by Covéa Insurance to provide a cyber insurance product as part of its HNW Home Insurance offering. 

Its bespoke product features a limit of indemnity of £50,000 for Covéa’s Executive Home policy or £100,000 for its Executive Plus product. 

Its cover comprises Cyber Assistance Cover, including investigating, reconfiguring and rectifying any damage to the client’s home systems and restoring data following a cyber attack. 

It also covers the cost of locating the virus and removing it from the home system, and pays the cost of hiring a professional consultant to make recommendations on how to prevent future incidents and prevent further hacking to the home systems.

In addition, its Cyber Crime Cover covers any financial loss due to a third party committing online fraud. This includes social engineering cover such as APP (Authorised Push Payment) fraud.

It also includes the cost of responding to a cyber ransom or cyber demand where a third party has hacked the client’s home systems and locked the client out of their own system.

Cover also includes its Legal and Cyber Risk Management Website, an “interactive and informative” tool for customers to access a range of information on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Jay Prosser, head of Partnerships, DAS UK Group, said: “Cyber is an integral part of the overall transformation of our legal expenses proposition. We’ve recognised that the demands on legal expenses providers are changing and evolving while there has actually been very little real innovation in terms of legal expenses products.  

“Cyber insurance cover is still in its infancy but we feel that this product is a significant step forward in providing HNW consumers with the right protection against what is a highly common threat.”

He added: “DAS UK was one of the first to launch a Cyber product for personal lines and today’s announcement of our partnership with Covéa Insurance represents the next step in our push to continue innovating in this space. By introducing an improved cyber helpline and early resolution service into our already comprehensive cyber and legal expenses products, Covéa’s High Net Worth customers are now better protected than ever before.”

Sara Simmons, head of HNW and Operational Governance, Covéa Insurance, said: “As well as providing cover in the unfortunate event of an incident, customers will also have access to unlimited guidance and advice through a self-serve portal on cyber and legal matters, and a chatbot facility giving real-time advice.  

“Cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate so we hope this gives customers added peace of mind by helping to avoid them becoming a victim and ensuring that, should the worst happen, they can access the support they need.”

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