BIBA welcomes new cladded building scheme

The trade association has been working alongside the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government on issues relating to insurance for cladded buildings

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) has welcomed the recent ministerial announcement regarding insurance for cladded buildings and EWS1 forms.

The trade association, which represents 1800 regulated firms, has been working closely with the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) on the challenges of insurance for cladded buildings and the liability attached to the EWS1 form.

The MHCLG’s announcements said: “The government is aware that securing appropriate professional indemnity insurance to cover the completion of EWS1 forms is a major barrier to qualified professionals undertaking EWS1 forms.

“The government is therefore committing today to work towards a targeted, state-backed indemnity scheme for qualified professionals unable to obtain professional indemnity insurance for the completion of EWS1 forms.”

They added: “The government will work closely with industry to design an appropriate scheme. Further details on the scheme, including eligibility and the claims process, will be provided in the coming weeks.”

BIBA said the announcement was a “very positive development” and reiterated its commitment to working alongside the government to help deliver a state-backed indemnity scheme to address the continuing insurance challenges in this area.

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