More work needed to ‘improve’ diversity in UK insurance industry, study finds

Some 46% of employees feel their employers could do more to improve diversity in the workplace, according to a study by UK-based tech developer Culture Shift.

A further 85% of employees in the UK insurance industry also said working somewhere with a diverse workforce is a crucial factor for their happiness at the office. 

The statistics also highlight that almost 22% feel their employer could improve workplace culture by recruiting more people from BAME backgrounds.

A further 16% said their employer could improve its culture by recruiting more people of varying abilities, while 18% said recruiting a better gender balance would also be effective. 

Gemma McCall, CEO of Culture Shift, said: “To create an empowering culture for all employees, it’s absolutely essential for organisations to be diverse, inclusive and showcase true representation across all levels of the business.

“Not only do recruitment processes need to be inclusive, but promotion opportunities too, and employees from marginalised backgrounds need to be supported through their career.” 

She added: “We firmly believe this is an incredibly important conversation to have and the insights uncovered in our research solidify that we’re not alone.

“It’s a shift that won’t happen overnight, but there needs to be clear intent from employers to keep diversity and inclusion at the top of their agenda.”

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