Aviva announces new partnership with Macmillian Cancer Support

The new partnership agreement builds on Aviva’s work with Macmillan clinical nurse specialists since 2017

Aviva has announced a new partnership with UK charity Macmillian Cancer Support, as the insurer expects to see a rise in protection claims presenting with more advanced cancers throughout 2021 due to the “disruption caused by Covid-19”. 

Under the new agreement, Aviva and Macmillan Cancer Support will be working on a range of new initiatives throughout the year to help support all of Aviva’s protection customers with cancer diagnoses. 

This support will be available to up to 7 million Aviva protection customers, whether their policy was bought directly with Aviva or through a financial adviser or partner, or is through a workplace group protection scheme.

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The new partnership agreement builds on Aviva’s work with Macmillan clinical nurse specialists since 2017, which has provided a quicker claims process for some individual critical illness customers with cancer. 

It is believed that In 2020, the insurer was able to pay more than “300 claims for customers with cancer within a matter of days, by simply speaking to the customer’s Macmillan clinical nurse specialist to verify their diagnosis”. 

Paul Brencher, managing director of individual protection, Aviva said: “At a time when Aviva’s protection customers experiencing cancer are likely to need additional support, it is right that we do everything that we can to help them get that support. 

“I’m delighted to be entering a new phase of our partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support that will build on the success of our individual critical illness claims process with their specialist cancer nurses.”

He added: “Together, Aviva and Macmillan helped hundreds of customers and their families to quickly access financial support from their policies in 2020, despite the impact of the pandemic on cancer diagnosis and treatment, enabling them to focus on their health and wellbeing.

“Through the partnership of our two well-known brands, our aim is to lead the industry in helping more protection customers navigate the financial challenges of living with cancer and ultimately to support them in every way that we can through the on-going development of new initiatives.”

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