Bonfire Night sparks rise in home fire claims, says Aviva

Home fire insurance claims rise every year around Bonfire Night, according to new figures released by Aviva.

New data from the insurance firms reveals that fire claims increased by two thirds (66%) between 5-7 November last year, compared to the rest of the month.

In 2018, the increase was even more on 5 November with claims rising by 150%, compared to the rest of the month.

Claims over this period include damage to fences, sheds and garages caused by out-of-control bonfires.

Sarah Applegate, strategy and insight lead at Aviva Global GI, said: “With community bonfires off the agenda this year, many households may be planning to enjoy bonfires and displays at home. 

“We appreciate that families want to celebrate, particularly after such a challenging year, but we’d encourage people to take even more care than usual, as so many individual fires and firework displays may be happening at the same time.”

She added: “It’s not just during the bonfires or firework displays where the risk lies. A number of claimants report disposing of ashes, only to find they were still hot enough to burn through bins or refuse piles.

“We also see quite a few claims where sparks have flown into neighbouring properties and gardens, so be sure to keep a watch on any stray embers. If people are planning to have a bonfire or fireworks, we’d urge them to do it with caution and stay on their guard.”

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