Battleface launches travel insurance package

Travel insurance provider Battleface has unveiled its new Covid-19 travel insurance package. 

The latest policy will provide customers with extra coverage on their travels, including trips to countries currently advised against travelling to by the FCO. 

The package covers travellers up to and including age 59, and includes cover for medical expenses caused by or resulting from coronavirus. 

The policy does not include cover in relation to Covid-19-related expenses for trip cancellations, curtailment of a holiday or lockdowns.

For battleface policies purchased before July 17 2020, the Covid19 exclusions will remain in force and claims for travel costs or medical expenses relating to Covid-19 will not be covered.

Sasha Gainullin, CEO at Battleface, said: “If the FCO advises against ‘all but essential’ travel to a country, it more often than not invalidates travellers’ insurance, and visiting there is at your own risk. Battleface removes that uncertainty and gives travellers the confidence they’ve been looking for.”

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