Six in 10 insurance professionals suffer from poor mental, says CII

A survey by the trade association revealed the state of mental wellbeing among those working in the insurance sector

Around six in ten insurance professionals suffer from poor mental health, including depression and anxiety, according to the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

Only a third of the 336 CII members polled online in January 2021 said their mental wellbeing had not been impacted by Covid-19 and 7% stated they were unsure if they were depressed or not.

In response to these findings, the trade association has published new good practice guidance to support insurance professionals.

Keith Richards, chief membership officer of the CII, said: “Insurance plays a vital role in the lives of billions of people around the world and has the power to transform lives and businesses. In 2020, Covid-19 impacted every customer served by the insurance profession resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of customers in vulnerable circumstances.

“It is vital the insurance profession puts themselves in their customers’ shoes and considers how they would wish to be treated if they had mental ill-health. However you can only help others if you also look after your own mental health.”

He added: “With the increase of remote working, many people may feel isolated or under more pressure combining work with their personal responsibilities. We urge insurance professionals to find out what support and resources their employers offer.

“There is also a growing number of free online resources that can offer effective measures of support. Good mental health in the workplace is as important as physical health and safety.”

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