80% of insurance staff would recommend reskilling to enter profession

CII membership officer said it is ‘vital to bring a new wave’ of talent to the industry

More than eight out of 10 insurance professionals would recommend their profession to a friend who had been made redundant due to Covid-19.

A Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) social media poll, conducted in December, showed 178 out of 207 members polled identified financial services as “viable” and a sector they recommend retraining to enter.

The Certificate in Insurance, which is a core qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the profession, costs £243.

Keith Richards, chief membership officer of the Chartered Insurance Institute, said: “Bringing fresh talent into the profession is a key element for securing the financial fortitude of the UK.

“We sit at the precipice of the largest intergenerational wealth transfer since records began and the events of 2020 have shown how important it is to have insurance in place to act as a safety net when things go wrong.”

He added: “It is vital we bring a new wave of talented insurance professionals into the profession, not just because it benefits them but because it benefits all of society.”

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