Ceta Insurance appoints new household specialist

Isaac Robinson will make underwriting decisions on a case-by-case basis in his new role

Ceta Insurance has appointed Isaac Robinson to the new role of B2B household specialist, as it is set to become the first non-standard insurance platform to establish its own referral system for cases that cannot be processed digitally.

Ceta’s Infinity Platform, which is used by mortgage brokers, IFAs, and insurance brokers, offers a quote, compare, click and bind service using a panel of leading property insurance providers specialising in more than 30 non-standard risks. 

While 94% of non-standard cases can be handled digitally within the platform, it said that occasionally they do not meet the criteria in the system and need to be referred back to the insurer. 

While this usually results in the broker having to deal directly with the insurer, Robinson’s will now handle the cases that would have previously been referred. 

He will make underwriting decisions on a case-by-case basis, and instead of having to wait two or three days for information on referred quotes, brokers will have an answer within 24 hours. 

Currently, around 100 cases a week are referred because they “don’t quite fit the system”. Ceta Insurance predicts that this latest appointment will reduce that down to less than 10 cases.

Robinson’s role will also help inform future developments of the Infinity Platform to help Ceta bring its digital quotability rate nearer 100%.

James O’Hara, commercial director at Ceta, said: “Brokers tend to avoid non-standard insurance as they assume it will involve waiting for hours in call centre queues, going through dozens of questions with underwriters and then waiting weeks for an answer, only to discover that answer is ‘no’!

“At Ceta, we want to change that perception, and show brokers that there are huge opportunities in the non-standard property insurance market. Our unique quote and apply system already has a market leading 94% quotability rate, and now, thanks to the appointment of Isaac as B2B Household Specialist we will be able to handle the vast majority of that remaining 6% quickly and efficiently without having to go back to the insurer.” 

He added: “This means that on top of managing more than 30 non-standard risks within the platform, we can now process cases that cannot be handled digitally and get brokers a quote the same day, instead of having to refer them back to the insurer where the case – and the speed it is handled – is out of our hands.”

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