Five attributes of an excellent insurance broker

Insurance can be a complicated matter to understand and settle for business owners, and comparing and choosing the best insurance policies can equally be challenging. This is where the expertise of insurance brokers makes business owners and executives’ lives easier. The main role of a business insurance broker is to guide you through the insurance process and provide you with helpful advice and support each step of the way.

However, not all insurance brokers are good-natured, so choosing who to work with must be done with caution and careful examination. This is because some may only offer their services for the paycheck and end up giving you advice that will harm your business.

Other than having an extensive background in the industry you are in and the nature of your business, insurance brokers who can provide the best service commonly share these five attributes:

  1. Integrity and Honesty 

This may seem like an apparent trait, but it still deserves mentioning because of its importance. Insurance is all about being secured and being assured that you have the resources that you might need in the future. Trust is an essential element in insurance, and the best brokers acknowledge this, which is why they practice integrity and honesty in all of their dealings. Likewise, honesty and transparency are what keeps insurance brokers in the business

  1. Agility

With technology ushering in an “Instant Era,” where almost everything must be delivered instantly, the best insurance brokers can provide the information or advice that their client requires as fast as possible. On top of their fast response, these brokers also ensure that the proposals and information they provide are accurate and updated. 

  1. People skills 

Insurance brokers spend most of their time working with their prospects or clients to find the best solution to problems and challenges in their insurance. Considering this, excellent insurance brokers know the importance of listening to their clients, collaborating with them, and focusing on finding the product or service that best matches their needs. 

  1. Critical thinking skills 

Another skill that distinguishes excellent insurance brokers from the rest is their critical thinking skills. They view situations from all angles because they know that business profiles are not a two-dimensional aspect. They know how to study both opportunities and risks or threats and also how to explain these risks to the insurer in a way that empowers them to actively address these matters of concern. 

  1. Reliability and dependability 

Insurance brokers usually have to work with very confidential information that can be commercially sensitive. Because of this, excellent insurance brokers are able to make their clients feel that they can depend on them. They know how to explain both the benefits and drawbacks of insurance clearly and comprehensibly to the client so that they can make accurate and informed business decisions for everyone’s benefit. Most importantly, they provide a prompt and effective response that helps their clients protect people’s jobs and keep their business afloat.


Especially during times like these where business instability and uncertainty is rampant, having the right insurance policy and working with the right insurance broker have never been more necessary. The global health crisis many are facing today shows no signs of slowing down soon, which is why you must take all the essential measures to protect your business and its stakeholders. 

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