The need to get extra travel insurance for the post-Brexit period

Now that the UK is in a post-Brexit period, people can expect some major transitions and inevitable changes in many sectors of the country. One sector that is significantly impacted is the insurance industry.

Quite recently, ministers have advised people who are going abroad to get comprehensive travel insurance in consonance with the implementation of a new border strategy. British people are also encouraged to get a health policy as part of travel insurance.

The expiration of the EHIC

The extra travel insurance applies to those travelling abroad from January up until December of this year. Holidaymakers ought to consider obtaining extra protection, which is to include health coverage.

The main reason for this mandate is the expiration of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which will only be valid until the 31st of December. With this expiration, the travel insurance coverage will get significantly impacted. Hence, travellers will need to take out a policy that includes health as early as now.

Post-Brexit period

Brexit stands for British Exit as a member of the European Union (EU). In June 2016, a referendum was held wherein 17.4 million people voted in favour of Brexit. The outcome reflects a favoured decision, with 52 per cent having voted to leave and 48 per cent wanted to remain in the EU. The country withdrew and left the EU on the 31st of January, this year. 

The EU is an economic and political union with 27 European countries. It allows free trade of businesses and free movement of people within the European nations. Hence, the Brexit decision has a huge repercussion on the country’s future relationships with other European countries. 

On top of the concerns is travelling in and out of the country. As the UK enters into an 11-month transition period until the 31st of December, a new border strategy needs to be implemented.

The release of new campaign and adverts

The UK government has recently launched the “The UK’s new start: Let’s get going” campaign. Ministers have chosen this slogan for the adverts that will run on television, radio, the internet, and via text messages.

British people will be advised about the risks from new travel rules, higher roaming charges, and border chaos for traders once Brexit is completed. The recent announcement of ministers urging people to take out extra travel insurance is a part of the government’s campaign. 

Apart from reminding people about insurance and checking passports, the adverts will also focus on businesses importing from and exporting to the EU. These include obtaining an economic registration and identification number and registering with the appropriate customs authority.


In line with the new border strategy, the government has announced the £700 million investment in the UK borders. This gets fully implemented when the country finally leaves the single market and customs union on the 31st of December. 

With the pain that comes with Brexit, the government does its part to make the transition go smoothly. On the other side of the spectrum, the citizens should be responsible for getting updated and making informed decisions. 

As far as travel insurance is concerned, you have to consider getting extra insurance with health policy inclusion.

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